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Find below all our rates here in Atlanta, GA for our Slingshot Rentals. If you are not sure which day you are going to arrive, simply just give us a call when you’re in town. If you already know what day you would like to reserve, reserve your slingshot now.


Monday to Thursday: $199 per day

Friday to Sunday: $249 per day 


Monday to Thursday: $69 per hour (Minimum 2 hours) **Third hour is free **

Friday to Sunday: $69 per hour (Minimum 2 hours)

** Unlimted miles with our hourly rentals, no gas included and must be brought back at the same fuel level. If not brought back at the same fuel level, we will deduct a re-filing fee of $42 dollars from your deposit.

Slingshot Rental Atlanta is strict with their hourly rentals. If not brought back on time, after 15 minutes from the return time we will charge you an additional hour. Rentals are lined up in a timely manner and customer service is our number one priority. If you run late we have to compensate the next customer waiting on their Polaris Slingshot car, hence we are forced to charge you the extra hour. NO EXCEPTIONS

We offer same day call in specials which can get you in your rental for less than you thought. If you are simply surfing the web for something fun to do in Atlanta, GA and came across our Polaris Slingshot rentals give us a call and you will be surprised at the rate you might get.

Slingshot Rental Multi-Day Deals

These street legal 3 wheelers can become addictive we get it. Making a day rental or a few hours behind the wheel, not enough. So here at Slingshot Rental Atlanta, we have created multi-day deals for you to enjoy your ride.

  • Weekend Special – Friday through Sunday: $650
  • Weekly Special – Monday through Sunday: $1225

Call 404 341-4455 today for same-day rental deals

Downtown Atlanta, GA

Polaris Slingshot Rental Atlanta

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