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Slingshot Rental Atlanta, GA

Renting a motorcycle could not be ideal in the city of Atlanta because Georgia is a state with many different terrains to ride by and enjoy the beautiful sight. For the first time, a Polaris 3 wheeler can give you an exotic experience that at times is hard to decide whether to call it a car or a motorcycle. A convertible can be rented for a couple of hundred dollars for the day, but a Polaris Slingshot will give you the slingshot car feel while legally being a 3 wheel vehicle that is classified as a motorcycle in Atlanta, GA

Here at Slingshot Rental Atlanta, we strive to keep our high 5 Star level of customer service with each slingshot rental we do. Motorcycle touring is a great hobby here in Georgia that we recommend anyone to try on a vacation in Atlanta. Currently, we have the largest selection of Polaris Slingshot SL for rent in Atlanta, GA. Get behind the wheel of this 3 wheeled motorcycle that drives like a car! Rent a Slingshot and experience the best of both worlds.

We rent the latest top-of-the-line roofless Polaris two-seaters that have all the specs and features to make your drive a better time. The minute you step on the gas in your Polaris Slingshot motorcycle rental you will enjoy every turn and moment until you bring her back! A pleasant and fun time is what we guarantee on all our Slingshot Rentals. Scroll down the page and see our Slingshot rental rates.

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Polaris Slingshot Rental Rates

Below you can find the current rates we are offering on our slingshots, rent a slingshot for a few hundred dollars in Atlanta, GA

  • Daily Rental Price – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: $199 per day
  • Daily Rental Price – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: $249 per day
  • Hourly Rental Price – $49 per hour; read about our hourly specials below

Slingshot Rental Specials 

Rent a Slingshot and drive off in it for as little as a couple hundred dollars. REMEMBER! We have same day specials from our last minute dropped reservations. This opens up our availability and allows us to rent our Polaris car for a highly reduced rate. We never disclose these deals on our website. Call in now at (404) 341-4455 and hear any specials we might have for today.

Our Current Rental Deals

  • Weekend Special – Friday through Sunday: $650
  • Weekly Special – Monday through Sunday: $1225

Call 404 341-4455 today for same-day rental deals

Slingshot Specifications

ATTENTION: Riding in a Slingshot is highly addictive. We at Slingshot Rental Atlanta, advise to only rent a slingshot to coast across the city of Atlanta if you do not mind the following occurring:

  • Smiles from ear to ear
  • Random sprouts of adrenaline
  • Feeling like a celebrity, you will get a crowd of people staring at you in the 3 wheeler Polaris.
  • Accelerating 0 to 60 at almost 4 seconds
  • Have instant respect out on the road!

Check out more specifications on the Polaris Slingshot SL motorcycle:

Vehicle Type:

front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 0-door, 2-passenger motorcycle roadster

Wheelbase: 105.0 in
Length: 149.6 in
Width: 77.2 in Height: 51.9 in
Curb weight: 1750 lb


145 cu in, 2384 cc
Power: 173 hp @ 6200 rpm
Torque: 166 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm

COUPLE THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: Slingshot Rental Atlanta has competitive prices on all our Polaris Slingshot rentals. We have options available to fit the time you need in your (daily rentals & weekly specials.) Having numerous slingshots allows us to also offer group motorcycling tours & have enough vehicles for music video shoots with exotic cars.


This Polaris 3 wheeler is truly one of a kind, many customers are not sure of the do’s and don’ts with their rental. Along with the part of customers wanting to know “Exactly what do I get with my Slingshot Rental?” Besides the obvious features, seat belts and fun come standard here at Slingshot Rental Atlanta.

  • 2 Water bottles
  • Unlimited miles
  • USB cable for iPhone or Android
  • Fuel Included – With some deals
  • Car wash for the Polaris trike

How to Rent a Slingshot

In the state of Georgia to get behind the wheel of a Polaris Slingshot, you need to have a motorcycle-endorsed license or have an international driver license. Now, we require a few other things alongside just a valid license. Follow our easy rental process detailed below. You can fill out our rental agreement PDF that we can send to you via email. Please make sure to attach a picture front and back of our driver license or insurance policy.


  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Valid Driver License (we accept international licenses)
  • Must have proof of an insurance policy
  • Refundable security hold of $500 dollars (cash or major credit card only)

** The Rental Security Deposit can vary and be affected based on credit history and background check when we check your driver license status.

If you already know what days you’re going to be in town and want to get a head start on your slingshot reservation, no problem just select your Polaris Slingshot rental days in advance. All needed for us to hold a specific date is a $100 deposit (non-refundable within 7 days of rental) that will be deducted from your slingshot rental in Atlanta.

** We rent slingshots across the United States and we have sister companies that can help you with your next rental. If ever in Florida for a few days, reach out to Slingshot Rentals Miami for any of your Slingshot rental needs.